Money Saving Monday

Caroline Renae

There are infinite ways to save on your favorite fashion finds. Most people suddenly think coupons, or online promotional codes. However, my methods are a bit unconventional. I’m sure you’re all familiar with eBay, but have you ever heard of Poshmark? Poshmark is an app that operates very similarly to eBay, however its comprised strictly of fashion related items.

My favorite recent purchase from Poshmark were my two pairs of Nike Roshe Runs. They were both brand new, and retailed for $80.00 per pair. I managed to get both pairs for $80.00. The woman was selling them because she received them as a gift and merely didn’t care for them. I was happy to take these off of her hands at an incredible price.

A recent purchase of mine through eBay were the Steve Madden “Lilianne” boots. I had tried them on in stores, and instantaneously knew that they’d be…

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One response to “Money Saving Monday

  1. This looks interesting. I’m going to check it out!

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